Ahrefs SEO Plugin

Check the performance of your content, monitor the growth of the backlink and find potentially harmful backlinks, that's all and more that you can do with the AHREFS SEO plugin.

The Ahrefs WordPress SEO plugin helps you perform content checks so that you can get more organic traffic to your website.

Getting organic traffic to your website is difficult. The most prolific creators have found that in order to gain SEO in the game, you need to commit to regularly posting in-depth content. While posting is often useful for getting high rankings on search engines, doing so without a specific strategy can result in a bloated and poorly optimized site.

Knowing your website's backlink profile is also an essential part of ensuring a high ranking in search engines. Understanding which sites are linked to your content helps you better plan your content promotion strategy.

Leading industry experts know that spending resources to improve your content and obtaining backlinks brings great rewards. Unfortunately, not everyone has the experience of analyzing a complex data set to perform these simple but important tasks.

After years of building SEO tools for some of the best search professionals, we are giving regular WordPress sites the ability to take advantage of these resources and experience so you can start earning SEO in the game as well.

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Exclusive AHREFS SEO plug-in

There are many other SEO plugins on the market … So you ask yourself, why else? First of all, the AHREFS SEO plugin is complementary to the other SEO plugins you are using. We focus on the unique features of ahrefs:

Reverse link index

Ahrefs has the highest rate of live retraction links in the world. We update with new data every 15-30 minutes. We use backlink data to calculate our proprietary metrics: ahrefs classification, domain classification and url classification.

Integration with Google Analytics

Unlike other plug-ins, we don't just get data from the WordPress administrator and show you the same information you can see in the Analytics dashboard. We analyze your traffic and conversion data to give you an idea of what to do next, so you can take steps to get more search traffic.

Integration with Google Serch Console

We use your connection to the Google search console to provide better keyword recommendations for your posts. We analyze your keyword data to provide suggestions on how to redirect or combine your content.

Content control

We have combined our backlink index data, along with your Google Analytics account and search console, to provide specific recommendations on how to improve your content to get more search traffic.

And the usual best practices

In addition to the exclusive features, we make sure to follow best practices for developing WordPress plug-ins.

Fast and light

The plugin puts minimal load on your WordPress servers. It is very light, the truth, lighter than the usual plugins, but I know another one even lighter, even if you only do what is necessary, nothing more, the right thing you need to do seo on your wordpress, I'm talking about WP-SEO, that I will write in another post.

It's easy to set up

The setup wizard is a three-step setup that allows you to get started in less than 5 minutes. This is almost everyone, too, but I must say that in Ahrefs SEO, it is more designed for the average and inexperienced user who appreciates a little usability in this type of plugin.

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